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Custom Paint for Rackmount Servers

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  • Liquid Paint
    Liquid paint is low-VOC (Volatile Organic Component), typically water based, which is sprayed on and cured in an oven. Previously painted chassis can easily be repainted with minimal surface preparation. Thus, for low quantities, we will repaint our standard black chassis to match your required color. For larger quantities, we will paint to your specification as the chassis are manufactured.
  • Powder Coating
    Paint is relatively durable but will scratch. Touch up paint can be supplied on request when your chassis are painted. On the other hand, Powder Coating is much more durable. Powder coating is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin sprayed onto a surface and baked (melted) in an oven. Applying powder is similar to spray painting in that they are both applied through a gun. One reason powder coating is becoming more common is it does not release smog creating chemicals when being applied so expensive pollution control equipment is not required.
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