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Complete Rackmount Solutions

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Complete Rugged Rackmount Solutions
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Complete Rackmount Solutions

Full-sized high performance computing solutions within the traditional server rack form factor.

Medium tactical computer systems

High-performance ruggedized stackable system for use in mobile deployments in extreme conditions.

portable computer systems

Lightweight high-performance computing solutions for operation in extreme environments.

small tactical computer systems

The latest addition to our complete integrated systems line. These are rugged, stackable modules designed for extreme environments. Complete computing solutions including networking, power delivery, server, and storage array capabilities in an ultra-small form factor.

Combat Proven Technologies

Coffee Bean

Syscool™ Thermal Management System

Coffee Bean

Mil-spec standards, dependable ruggedization

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revision control and configuration management

CP North America designs, fabricates and integrates standard and customized high-performance computing platforms for military, industry, and commercial applications. We provide reliable systems that will operate in harsh conditions and include revision control and hardware consistency for multi-year programs.

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