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portable computer systems

 CP Systems provides Portable Computing Systems and solutions. Our systems come in both Standard industrial grade solutions as well as Ruggedized systems. Portable systems enable a complete high-performance desktop or server class computing systems complete with displays and input peripherals for deployment in the field. Systems built by CP Systems can be custom designed to meet the specific needs of the customer with optional additions such as capacitive touchscreens, specialized input ports, etc. Systems can be scaled up or down in size to match the demands of the application, with sizes ranging from compact desktop sized systems with a single 17” display up to a large scale 4U-equivalent system with triple 24” Hi-Bright displays. CP Systems’ Portable systems are designed and built to meet the most demanding of portable computing applications.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded PCs are an essential element to today’s state-of-the-art autonomous platforms. The Small Embedded Computer system is a rugged series of fixed environment computers designed to take on the toughest of modern environments while providing the high levels of computing performance demanded by today’s technologies.

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Tower Computers

High-performance, long-life COTS componentry in a standard tower size form factor; this is what CP Systems delivers with our standard Tower Computing systems. Backed by obsolescence and configuration management, revision control, and our 5-year warranty, Tower Computing systems built by CP Systems are built to meet all your high performance computing needs with the assurance of consistent, long-lasting performance.

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zero clients

CP Systems’ Zero Client solutions provide our customers with a robust, rugged solution for quickly deploying secure and dependable networked client interfaces. Lightweight, compact, and quiet, while also providing highest level of security and hardware capabilities for your virtual desktop infrastructure needs.

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rugged tablets

Combining the portability of a smartphone with the computing power of a desktop computer, Our Rugged Tablet solutions provide complete Windows or Android experiences in a compact and intuitive tablet interface. Perfect for field or industrial settings that might involve extreme climates, excessive humidity, impact, high dust and dirt, and many more durability testing environments.

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