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CUSTOM & Rugged computing solutions

for industrial and commercial applications

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custom and rugged computing systems and solutions

CP Systems, a business unit under CP North America Incorporated, has over two decades of experience in building custom and rugged computing solutions for industrial and commercial applications. Our systems have been used in everything from managing train networks and roller coasters to handling data in marine research vessels. We can provide solutions as both discrete systems as well as major components in a variety of form factors, such as rackmount computers and displays, desktop options, transportable data storage units, and more.

Solutions you can count on

You know you can count on our systems to deliver consistent performance, even in the harshest of environments. Even in the rare cases where things go wrong, our team is available to provide support with our 5-year warranty and long-term strategic solutions such as obsolescence and configuration management, revision control, and roadmapped componentry. All our products are proudly put together in the USA and each unit is built to the highest standards in quality. Additionally, our dedicated team of engineers are available in house to address potential customizations needed to best fulfill the demands required of each unique application.


CP Systems offers a number of high-performance computing systems across a number of form factors, from our ultra-compact embedded computing systems all the way up to full-sized rack units and everything in between. Our systems are built to the highest of standards and the use of in-house components ensures that everything works seamlessly with compatibility issues cut to a minimum.

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Rackmount Solutions

With over two decades of experience in building high-performance rugged rackmount systems, CP Systems knows what it takes to meet the demands of our Industrial and Commercial customers. Our components are designed to handle the toughest applications while maintaining a consistently high level of raw performance. Our rackmount computers span from compact 1U blades up to massive 5U form factors and all feature our proprietary SysCool™ intelligent thermal management subsystem. Our rackmount displays are built CP tough

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Latest Updates

As part of our ongoing growth strategy, the legal entity for all CP brands moving forward will be CP North America Incorporated. CP Technologies joins CP Systems and CP Aeronautics as business units under CP North America Inc. This was done to provide better focus and support for our customers so that we may provide the highest quality products and experience for our customers.

CP Technologies will continue to service the defense industry as well as customers in need of our highest-grade ruggedized systems and solutions.

CP Systems will take over the role of providing ruggedized systems and solutions for the industrial and commercial markets.

CP Aeronautics will continue to focus on addressing all relevant markets regarding the manufacture and support of our unmanned vehicle systems as well as the accompanying ground control and surveillance support systems.

As CP North America, we look forward to providing our customers with the highest quality service and products in the upcoming year.

CP Systems